General Policies and Behavior

Be courteous to others.  All behavior should be congruent with the academic nature and purpose of the library.

To facilitate the various needs of library users, the library is divided into two courtesy areas.  The right side of the library is a Silent Area at all times.  The soft seating area in the middle of the library and the left side of the library are Collaborative Areas.  Conversation in these areas must be quiet and behavior should be appropriate for a library.

Coming to the Library

A pass is not required before/after school, in between periods, when with a scheduled class, or if coming from lunch within five minutes of the beginning of the lunch period.

A pass is required when coming from a class, a study hall, or from lunch (see above lunch exception).  Only five students are permitted from each study hall and ten passes from lunch.

Junior and Seniors with Open Campus privileges do not need passes.

Students with late arrival or early dismissal privileges do not need passes.

Students signed out of school, must leave the school grounds; they may not enter the library.

Leaving the Library

With the exception of students who have Open Campus, students coming to the library are expected to stay the entire period.

Students do not need permission use the lavatory, but they must sign out on the lavatory sign out sheet and sign back in upon return.

For any other reason, students must obtain permission to leave the library from someone on the library staff and sign out on the appropriate sheet.

Computers, iPads, and the Internet

Academic use of computers has priority over all other use.

Students must leave a valid school ID or driver’s license to sign out an iPad, Chromebook, or laptop.  Students may not take an iPad, Chromebook, or laptop outside of the library unless a teacher has made arrangements with someone on the library staff.

Students must leave a valid school ID or driver’s license to sign out a calculator.

Students may print a single copy of web documents and computer files.  Students should avoid printing lengthy documents.  If a student needs multiple copies, they may make them on the photocopy machine in the library and pay ten cents per page.

Students should abide by the school district’s Acceptable Use Policy at all times.

Photography, video recording, and audio recording are not permitted in the library unless authorized by all participants and someone on the library staff.

Conference Room Use

Academic use of conference rooms has priority over all other use.

Conversation in the conference rooms should be subdued and behavior should be appropriate to a library.

There is a conference room sign-up book at the circulation desk.  Each use of the conference room should be recorded on the schedule.  Students can reserve a conference room only on the day of intended use.

Student use of the conference rooms is limited to six students for conference room A and four students for conference rooms B and C.  Seek permission from someone on the library staff if a larger group must work together.

Circulation of Material

Most books circulate for two weeks.  Reference books, back issues of magazines and newspapers, Vertical File items, and audio-visual items circulate for one night.  Inter-Library Loan (ILL) materials circulate for three weeks.

Items can be renewed up to two times unless a hold is requested by another patron.  Books more than ten days overdue may not be renewed.  ILL books can be renewed only with the permission of the lending library and cannot be renewed once they become overdue.

If a student has an overdue item, permission from someone on the library staff must be obtained to sign out any additional material.

Current issues of magazines and newspapers can only be used in the library.

There are no overdue fines, but grade reporting is withheld for students who have overdue material.

Students must pay for lost or damaged material.  The price of a lost item will be the cost of replacing the item with the same item or a work determined by the librarian to be comparable. The price of a damaged book is the lessor of the cost of replacing the book or the cost of repairing it.  The price of a lost or damaged magazine is $3.00.

Students must have a signed note from a parent/guardian to sign out an R-rated video.

Food and Drink

Food is not allowed in the library at any time.

Drinks are permitted in the library.  Please report any spills immediately.

Playing Games on Computers

Playing games on computers is not allowed at any time.

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